SBME Interfaces

SBME Interfaces with Gail Murphy | Ep. 9

April 01, 2021 UBC School of Biomedical Engineering Season 1 Episode 9
SBME Interfaces
SBME Interfaces with Gail Murphy | Ep. 9
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Welcome to Episode 9 of SBME Interfaces

In this episode, we interface with Dr. Gail Murphy, Vice-President Research & Innovation of UBC and Professor in UBC's Department of Computer science on the research landscape of UBC, leadership, entrepreneurialism, creating the right environment for students to become complete people, the exciting opportunities for interdisciplinary science both in SBME and around the University, and even Jane Austen.

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Vice-President Research & Innovation, UBC
Professor, UBC's Department of Computer Science

Dr. Gail Murphy assumed the role of Vice-President, Research & Innovation on August 14, 2017.

Dr. Murphy is a professor in UBC’s Department of Computer Science and was formerly Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) in the Faculty of Science. After completing her B.Sc. at the University of Alberta in 1987, she worked for five years as a software engineer in the Lower Mainland. She later pursued graduate studies in computer science at the University of Washington, earning first an M.Sc. (1994) and then a Ph.D (1996).

Dr. Murphy joined UBC in 1996 and was a key driver of the new Master of Data Science, a professional graduate program launching this fall — and has been instrumental in championing the creation of a Data Science Institute at the university. She also maintains an active research group with post-doctoral and graduate students.

Dr. Murphy’s research focuses on improving the productivity of software developers and knowledge workers by providing the necessary tools to identify, manage and coordinate the information that matters most for their work. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), as well as co-founder, board member and former Chief Scientist at Tasktop Technologies Incorporated.

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Dr. Payam Zahedi

Strategic Planning & Operations Director, UBC School of Biomedical Engineering

Payam is a born problem solver and dot connector who believes that real impact only occurs when everyone is given the means to chase it. He's the Director of Strategic Planning and Operations at UBC's School of Biomedical Engineering and holds a BASc in Biomedical Engineering and an MSc and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, from the University of Toronto. He believes we are better together and is an advocate for equity and inclusivity. In his spare time, when he's not chasing his two sons around, he's experimenting in the kitchen, reading crime fiction and untangling the mechanisms of effective leadership.

Miguel Eichelberger
Communications & Engagement Manager, UBC School of Biomedical Engineering

Miguel is an unflinching optimist. He is a communicator and writer whose work has appeared in literary magazines and on stages around the world. His most recent publications include Harpur Palate, the Literary Review of Canada, Plainsongs Magazine, and Soliloquies Anthology. He believes in authenticity; in doing and saying what you actually believe, and he is an obsessive student of leadership from the biological and anthropological perspectives. You've likely heard him rant about it, and he's not sorry.

SBME interfaces with Gail Murphy
On the pandemic's impact on research activity across UBC
On making the shift from industry to graduate school
On the draw of UBC as a place to pursue an academic career
On launching Tasktop Technologies and having the entrepreneurial bug
On recruiting and retaining talent
On a typical week as VPRI at UBC and providing an even better environment for our researchers
On the ideal environment for inspiring everyone to go further
On transferable leadership skills in entrepreneurial pursuits and VPRI
On SBME's role in the overall research and innovation mandate at UBC
On finding more opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaborations: AN OPEN CALL TO ALL RESEARCHERS!
On where UBC Research and Innovation goes next
On the future of remote collaboration and the silver lining of the pandemic
On a favourite Jane Austen novel, and why Elizabeth Bennet is an outstanding heroine
On unwinding from a hectic schedule
On advice for her 20 year-old self
On what's exciting for the future of Research at UBC