SBME Interfaces

SBME Interfaces with Carolina Tropini

January 31, 2022 UBC School of Biomedical Engineering Season 3 Episode 1
SBME Interfaces
SBME Interfaces with Carolina Tropini
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Connecting Climate Change to our gut.
Doing better in the EDI space.
Did we learn from the pandemic?

We caught up with Dr. Carolina Tropini on all this and more in our latest episode.

Carolina Tropini
Assistant Professor, SBME & Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology

Dr. Tropini’s interests lie at the nexus of medicine, microbial biophysics, and engineering. Working in the field of the gut microbiota, she is applying novel tools to longstanding questions regarding the stability of microbial communities and their response to perturbations during disease. By combining imaging, microfluidics and computational techniques to animal studies, she is building a comprehensive and quantitative understanding of the complex interactions between microbes and their hosts. Dr. Tropini is also keenly interested in teaching and outreach, particularly with the goal of building a common language between physicists and engineers, biologists and clinicians.

Learn more about Carolina here

Miguel Eichelberger
Communications & Engagement Manager, School of Biomedical Engineering

Miguel is an unflinching optimist. He is a communicator and writer whose work has appeared in literary magazines and on stages around the world. His most recent publications include Harpur Palate, the Literary Review of Canada, Plainsongs Magazine, and Soliloquies Anthology. He believes in authenticity; in doing and saying what you actually believe, and he is an obsessive student of leadership from the biological and anthropological perspectives. You've likely heard him rant about it, and he's not sorry.

Learn more about Miguel's work here

SBME Interfaces with Carolina Tropini
On what the pandemic has revealed to us
On how the pandemic has made it easier to work everyone around the world
On the new opportunities and expanding skillsets of resilient teams
On the gut microbiome, what it can do and what we're learning about it
On where the gut microbiota and climate change meet
On the future of the microbiota and how it will enable precision medicine
On approaching leadership as a learner, and advice for the new leaders out there
On passion, burnout and prioritization
On the hard work of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and why Justice matters
On the burnout and overwhelm of the past two years
On prioritizing what's important for you before someone else does
On paying more attention to the interconnectivity that we all share
On working on a big project on innovation and bioengineering through SBME.